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Sell our premium Nordmann trees at your own vendor location.  This may be your perfect solution for a final sprint at the end of a mediocre 2020.

Let’s make this a year to remember – in a good way.

A wholesale company who’se a dedicated partner. The current covid measures have a high impact on a vast amount of companies. Revenue vanishes, while insecurity grows. Our take-away concept offers our clients the opportunity to end this year well. Together we can achieve more. That’s why we’ll help you to maximize your output, focusing on long-term relationships.

Premium Nordmann Trees treated in a sustainable way

Santa’s Nordmann Trees are not treated with chemicals. At our fields in North of Germany we grow our trees in a natural way. Because of a special technique at the top of the tree, we don’t have to use any chemicals. Better for the trees, the best for our future.

Two sizes, easily delivered.

Choose for quality and sustainability.

Santa’s Nordmann Junior

Official Name: Abies nordmanniana Size: 1.00m – 1.50m Passport: Yes Minimum order: 50 pieces

Santa’s Nordmann Senior

Official Name: Abies nordmanniana Size: 1.60m – 2.10m Passport: Yes Minimum order: 50 pieces

A possibility to end the year well

Jeroen takes care of my trees for years. When he told me he could offer me healthy Nordmann Trees to sell, I knew this would be a way to make up the lost profit of our sports club.

Remo SpeijersSports club owner

By replacing the firewood at our petrol stations we offer our clients the opportunity to buy a tree while refilling their car. Easy, right?!

Thomas de WinterPetrol station owner

If you can no longer see the wood for the trees, just seize the opportunity and start selling them.

It’s a hard time to stay alive as a company. Workers who stay at home, to many people – to little to do. Do what you do great: create an experience and bring people together.







Order your trees in time. Minimum order of 50 pieces.

Suistainable Nordmann Trees – premium quality.

Start a partnership for an easy start.